Temperature Indicating Strips : Struggling to get accurate temperature? We got its solution

Wax Melt Temperature Indicating Strip Technology

The correct temperature is important while executing various jobs like welding, engineering, oil and gas, automation, safety, precaution etc.

Getting accurate temperature is thus an crucial aspect, and sometimes it can get challenging or inaccurate.

Temperature Indicating strips by Thermax gives accurate temperature figures, and will permanently record the highest temperature reached by the label.


Usually clients, contractor buy Aquasol Water Soluble Papers & Tapes, but using the product correctly is seldom known by the site operators and technicians. This results in improper purging, gas wastage, repair in welds and even a lot of wastage of purge dam materials. Due to incorrect usage, the Water Soluble Adhesive Tape does not stick on the surface and hence operators use masking tape. Masking Tapes are not soluble in water and can cause other issues like clogging at the time of hydro-testing and commissioning, resulting in lot of delays.

Our Technical Sales Team conducts free training sessions at these sites to piping contractors and operators. These sessions educate on how to create a purge dam and effectively use them which helps to avoid time delays, wastage of materials and most importantly avoid repairs of weld joints. This may seem a simple activity, but our customers save a LOT!

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Wax Melt Temperature Indicating Strip Technology

The most common application associated with wax melt temperature indicating strips is self adhesive labels that consist of a series of temperature-sensitive elements sealed between heat-resistant substrates with transparent windows. Each element changes color distinctly as its rated temperature is exceeded. The changes are irreversible, providing a temperature history of the surface being monitored. The labels will not de-laminate when removed for reference and can be attached to an inspection report to serve as a permanent record of attained temperature. Typically used in the industrial setting.

Temperature Indicator Stips : How it works?

The temperature-sensitive elements are phase-change indicators that use the sharply defined melting points of a series of specially purified organic chemicals to give unique, high precision, color change effects. Each temperature element uses a different chemical compound and is made separately by applying a coating containing the chemical to a special absorptive paper substrate which is usually black. When the rated temperature is exceeded, the chemical melts and is absorbed by the substrate, causing a permanent color change to black. Up to ten elements can be combined together on a single label.

Temperatur indicating strips
Temperature indicating strips

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