SINOtec is a modern and respected main stream manufacturer and supplier with an experience of more than 40 years of welding safety experience. SINOtec offers a high quality range of products and solutions across the field of safety at work including welding protection, noise protection, fume extraction and personal protective equipment. With the customer always being our highest priority.

Optimal consultation, competent advice and customized solutions rank among major strengths, making SINOtec your indispensable partner for the implementation of both small and large-scale projects.

We exclusively represent the complete SINOtec range in India. Some of the popular product range of SINOtec are listed below.

  • Welding Curtains

    welding-curtainsAll arc welding processes radiate hazardous UV- and IR-rays. Even people passing by the area are endangered by these rays. Occupational Health & Safety stipulates that premises, plant and systems of work must be safe and without risk to health. This would include ensuring that all persons are protected against the harmful effects of these rays on the eyes and skin.

    Sinotec welding curtains and strip curtains protect according to the DIN EN 1598 standard and offer optimal protection during welding with a risk factor < 1. Moreover the curtains also protect against grinding and spatter.

    big_jack5-150x150Welding protective curtains in T75M (dark green), T55 (eurogreen), T50 (red-brown) and T40 (red-orange) protect against hazardous rays and are certified according DIN EN 1598.

    We can offer variety of Welding Curtains of different thickness, widths and colours with fabricated stands. We can do a survey and understand your welding stations and suggest the best possible installation options.

  • Heat Temperature Blanket


    Sinotec Heat Protection Fabrics/ Fire Blankets are used to protect equipment and personnel near hazardous operations, such as welding, flame cutting, grinding or spraying. The heat protection family of fabrics is made up of fiberglass and silica materials with working temperatures ranging from 600°C to 1100°C. These fabrics can be made into blankets, hanging curtains or are available as roll goods.

    Heat Protection Fabric Uses:

    Welding Slag Protection, Stress Relief, Oven Door Insulation, Pig-tails, Gaskets Low Coiling/Tempering, Heat Containment, Personnel Heat Protection, Machine Covers, Pipe and Weld Wrapping.

  • SWELDex Welding fume extraction

    welding-safety-productIn order to prevent health defect from the welder and uninvolved persons, it is required to lead away welding fume by necessary precautions that the fume does not reach the breathing area of the persons concerned. Only the direct extraction of harmful welding smoke at the point of origin offers an efficient protection. SINOtec has a wide range of mobile and stationary fume filtering units. These units provide different advantages for the user.


    ▪    Extraction of contaminated air at the breathing area of the user
    ▪    High effectiveness of SINOtec units due to a separating efficiency of 99.9%
    ▪    Low running costs, because high supply air can be saved particularly during the heating period
    ▪    Easy operation of the SINOtec units
    ▪    Availability of mobile units enabling to be used at different working places
    ▪    No expensive investment for pipes, ventilators, etc.
    ▪     High acceptance by the user because these protection measures are for his health and security.

    With the various options of SWELDex fume extraction systems & with our experience, we can suggest the most appropriate fume extraction system based on your plant and welding booth surveys.