Jetline Engineering is a leading supplier of automated welding systems and components since 1956 specializes in the manufacture and supply of equipment for automated arc welding – GTAW, PAW, GMAW, and SAW.

Jetline serves a very diverse customer base, including many multinational manufacturing companies, offering them a wide range of welding automation products. Thousands of Jetline welding systems are used all over the world to build critical components for the aerospace, power generation, transportation, shipbuilding, and general manufacturing industries.

Jetline manufacturs products for companies to build not only critical components such as turbines and jet engines, but also commercial products such as truck fuel tanks and kitchen sinks.

Jetline products fall into three distinct categories : 

1. Fixtures – to hold and position the torch and/or part
2. Controls and Accessories – to regulate or control the welding parameters
3. System Integration – turnkey solutions that are custom built to meet our customers’ needs

List of reputed customers of Jetline in India

1. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Bangalore
2. Larsen & Toubro Ltd, HED at Powai, Hazira, Vishakapatnam
3. ISGEC, Yamunanagar & Dahej
4. Walchandnagar Industries Limited, Pune and many more

We exclusively represent Jetline products all across India.

  • Seam Tracker

    seam-trackerMaintaining a consistent position of the torch over the weld joint is absolutely critical for automated welding. Tactile seam tracking employs an electromechanical probe that is mounted ahead of the torch. The probe has a tip that rides in the weld joint and when deflected causes the motorized slides to respond vertically or horizontally. The tactile seam tracker can be used to initially find the weld joint, then track the joint while welding, and retract the torch up and away from the part at weld completion.

  • Arc Voltage Control

    The Arc Voltage Control maintains precise arc length by controlling arc voltage thus assuring high quality welds time after time on AC or DC applications. The control measures arc voltage and compares the measurements to the operator setting. It maintains the set arc length by moving the torch up or down as required via a motorized slide.

  • Cold Wire Feeder

    Cold wire feeders are designed to supply filler metal into the weld puddle during GTAW or PAW. Cold wire feeders provide more accurate wire feed at lower speeds and are specially insulated for the GTAW or PAW environment

  • Hot Wire Tig


    The HWP-50D Hot Wire Process is used where high deposition rates, combined with high quality are needed. Used with the GTAW or PAW welding process, the wire is electrically preheated before it enters the weld pool. The system can be used for the surfacing or the joining of ferrous and non ferrous alloys