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Water Soluble Paper for welding or commonly known as Aquasol Purging Paper / Water Soluble Paper is an advanced paper technology that can dissolve quickly in water or biodegrade more slowly in a moist environment.

Dissolution can be hastened to 30 seconds or less with larger amounts of water and agitation or slowed by controlling the amount of moisture in the environment

Purging paper for welding

Purging paper for welding, traditionally had significant limitations as they were inefficient, costly, and labor-intensive. Additionally, conventional purge systems must be placed far from the weld zone (10-20 ft.) adding unnecessary inconvenience and costs to the welding process.

To overcome these limitations, Aquasol Water Soluble Paper and Tape (Purging paper for welding) were introduced. Together these components can be constructed by hand into unique purge dams. They are able to be placed within close proximity of the weld zone, thereby increasing efficiency of the entire welding process.

Supertech Services Pvt Ltd is Aquasol Purging Paper and Water Soluble Paper Supplier in India.

Aquasol water soluble paper

What is Purging paper made of? 

Purging paper for welding is comprised of sodium carboxyl methyl cellulose and wooden pulp, Aquasol Water Soluble Paper dissolves quickly and completely in most liquids, including water. Its 100% bio-degradable composition leaves no residue behind in the pipeline.

Stainless Steel Welding with Water Soluble Paper

Stainless steel is the preferred material for highly regulated industries such as nuclear power, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage for their piping, tanks, and pressure vessels. Stainless steel offers a variety of benefits that make it so appealing: corrosion resistance, durability, and resistance to bacterial growth being a few key features.

Many of the benefits of stainless steel can be undone by a poor quality weld. Contaminants that enter the weld area can cause the stainless to lose its corrosion resistance. Corrosion and pitting will not only lead to leaks, but it can also contaminate the product flowing through a pipe or being held in a tank. 

Along with its own contamination, corroded areas will give bacteria a foothold to rapidly grow, which can be disastrous for pharmaceutical or food and beverage operations.

Welders must take care to use proper purging procedures while using approved and safe materials for stainless steel. Aquasol Corporation’s Water Soluble Paper and EZ Purge® pre-formed water-soluble purge dams are preferred choices for stainless steel as they lack contaminants that can enter the weld zone and increase the effectiveness of a purge while reducing the consumption of argon.

Aquasol’s water-soluble paper and EZ Purge® dams are both EPA and CE approved, chloride-free, and 100% biodegradable. The water-soluble paper can be cut to fit a variety of pipe schedules while the pre-formed EZ Purge® and its self-adhesive lining offer reduced setup times and ease-of-use. EZ Purge® also features ZAP (Zero Air Permeability) technology to give operators the optimum purge and weld for their stainless steel. When the weld is completed, the paper can be washed out with water. As the paper or EZ Purge® dissolves it will leave no residue behind.

Aquasol’s paper and EZ Purge® dams are frequently used in nuclear reactor plants and other strictly regulated operations to achieve high-quality welds with stainless steel as many other products or “makeshift” dams can cause excessive contamination of the weld.

Watch how Aquasol Water Soluble Paper and Tape Work?

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The Aquasol Corporation is a leading manufacturer of water-soluble and other cutting edge purging technologies for the welding industry.

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Brief of brands offered by Supertech Services Pvt. Ltd. –

(Other Aquasol products):

  1. SoluGap®: Water soluble socket spacer ring / SoluGap® a specially engineered, patented design which offers an economical, inventive solution to socket welding needs.
  2. Oxygen Monitor: Accurately measures the concentration of oxygen in purged tubes/ pipes up to 100ppm resolution. Handheld, Rechargeable, Self Calibrating, Data Logging facility, Audio Visual Alarm.
  3. EZ Purge: Pre-formed, self-adhesive water-soluble purge dams. Completely ready-to-use as per specific pipe diameters increases productivity. 
  4. I Purge X: Modular Inflatable Bladder System for Purging. Expandable & Extendable; One system for multiple pipe sizes.