Tungsten electrodes supplier

We are India’s leading Tungsten Electrodes Supplier manufactured by Plansee. Our range includes welding electrodes of lengths 150 mm and 175 mm. Our standard diameters: 1.0, 1.6, 2.0, 2.4, 3.0, 3.2, 4.0 and 4.8 mm.

Only “genuine Plansee” is “genuine Plansee”. You can recognize our welding electrodes by the trademarked packaging design and our safety label. This gives you the confidence of knowing you are working with top-quality products.

When you have to be sure: Plansee TIG Welding Electrodes.

Plansee TIG welding electrodes give you the guarantee of uniform high quality. They combine good ignition and reignition properties, high current-carrying capacity and excellent durability and can be used in both DC and AC processes.


Being a tungsten electrodes supplier for over a decade now, we have understood that Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG)-welding is considered to be one of the most important joining methods in the processing of high-alloy steels and non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum, copper, nickel, titanium and their alloys, as well as refractory metals, such as tantalum, niobium or molybdenum.

For non and low-alloyed steels it is mainly used in the field of thin sheet metals and root welding. In terms of quality, the TIG-welding process ranks among the highest graded processes and requires absolutely constant arc stability. This stability, however, strongly depends on the electrode used and can only be achieved with electrodes of consistent quality.

TIG-welding electrodes from PLANSEE guarantee this consistent quality, and at the same time they fulfil a variety of additional demands.
• good ignition and reignition
• long service life
• high current carrying capacity
• universally applicable (AC/DC)

Thorium free TIG-welding electrodes

Non-radioactive substitute materials for thorium oxide, such as the elements cerium and lanthanum have proved to be suitable alloy additions for tungsten electrodes.

In both cases the electron work function, which needs to be very low for best welding results, is even lower than that of thorium oxide. Thorium free TIG welding electrodes, such as WC20 and more recently GOLDplus have been developed further by PLANSEE for decades in order to meet the market requirements also concerning ecological as well as healthrelated aspects.

Plansee TIG welding electrodes manufacturing location is at Reutte, Austria, are one of the largest manufacturers of re-factory metals such as Tungsten, Molybdenum, Niobium, etc., and their alloys.

Plansee TIG welding electrodes are known for their consistent quality and reproducible welding results.

These TIG electrodes are manufactured in special grades consisting of cerium, lanthanum, pure, suitable for welding a variety of metals.