Pipe welding : Top 10 techniques to make the process efficient!!

These pipe welding technics are derived by the Technical Sales team of Supertech Services Pvt Ltd. by conducting various training sessions for EPC’s and Operators at the site.

Supertech Team conducts successful training and demonstration to EPC’s and Operators on
How to Tackle Improper Purging?  or
How to  Monitor oxygen levels efficiently? 

Pipe welding : Usually, clients, contractors buy purging or monitoring products from us but using the product correctly is seldom known by the site operators and technicians. This results in improper purging, gas wastage, repair in welds, and even a lot of wastage of purge dam materials. The incorrect usage can cause other issues like clogging at the time of hydro-testing and commissioning, resulting in a lot of delays.

Our Technical Sales Team conducts free training sessions at these sites for piping contractors and operators. These sessions educate on how to create a purge dam and effectively use them which helps to avoid time delays, wastage of materials, and most importantly avoid repairs of weld joints. This may seem a simple activity, but our customers save a LOT!

Below are the TOP 10 ways we have found out on

“How one should make the pipe welding process 100% efficient

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By efficiently using “Aquasol’s – Water soluble paper”

Traditional purge systems present significant limitations as they are inefficient, costly, and labor-intensive. Additionally, conventional purge systems must be placed far from the weld zone (10-20 ft.) adding unnecessary inconvenience and costs to the welding process.

To overcome these limitations, Aquasol Water Soluble Paper and Tape were introduced. Together these components can be constructed by hand into unique purge dams. They are able to be placed within close proximity of the weld zone, thereby increasing the efficiency of the entire welding process.

Aquasol Water Soluble Paper provides an excellent barrier used to retain noble gases such as argon and helium within the weld zone during TIG welding of stainless steel and aluminum pipes.

1 ) Prepare the Aquasol water soluble paper to create purge dam

Authorised Sales and Service distributor of Aquasol purging solutions

2) Inspect the application area properly to remove any rough surface before creating purge dam

3) Place the Aquasol water soluble purge dam in place

Authorised Sales and Service distributor of Aquasol purging solutions

4) Dab with moist cloth on tape to activate the adhesive

Authorised Sales and Service distributor of Aquasol purging solutions

5) Donot use masking tape to create purge dams as Masking Tapes are not soluble in water and can cause other issues like clogging at the time of hydro-testing and commissioning, resulting in lot of delays.

I-Purge® X: The most innovative purging device to date: Equipped with Aquasol’s unique Quick-Connect fittings, components easily snap on and off in seconds. A variety of standard harness lengths allow the user to customize length based on individual project needs, enabling placement of the bladders outside the heat-affected zone (HAZ). These flexible, high heat harnesses allow for navigation through elbows and T-joints and have a central point marked with a luminescent indicator for easy alignment with the center of the root gap.

6) Ensure I-Purge X is fully assembled (i.e. modules are securely connected to harness) If necessary, connect rope, chain, or wire to the pull loops on the ends of the bladder modules. This will allow you easy insertion and removal of the system.

i purge x pipe purging solution

7) Connect inert gas lines to the BLUE and BLACK hoses BLUE gas hose is required to inflate the purge bladders BLACK gas hose is optional to expedite the purging process

ipurge x discussion on pipe purging

8) Position the purge unit in the pipe using the luminescent indicator as a guide to center the system across the root gap. Turn the BLUE gas hose on to inflate the bladders and purge the weld zone. Always maintain a consistent flow rate during inflation, purging, and welding.

iPurge X Pipe purging

9) Once a tight seal has been achieved, commence welding. After the weld is complete, turn off the gas supply to deflate the bladders. Once the heat zone has sufficiently cooled, remove I-Purge X from the pipe. Be sure to disconnect all gas lines and monitoring equipment. Clean I-Purge X and store in the provided carrying bag when it is not in use

ipurge x pipe purging installation demo

By precisely monitoring Oxygen levels using the “PRO OX-100”

The PRO OX-100 programmable handheld digital oxygen monitor is designed to give operators the most precise oxygen level readings possible.

The PRO OX-100 comes equipped with many advanced features such as its data logging capabilities, which allow operators to create permanent records of real time data (at 15 second intervals) and export up to 50 data points to Microsoft® Excel and plain text format.

Authorised Sales and Service distributor of Aquasol purging solutions

10) Monitor oxygen levels to get accurate welding process.

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