Stop Rust with Tempil Bloxide® Rust Preventive Weldable Coating

A case study on how Tempil Bloxide Rust Preventive Weldable Coating protects metals from unwanted corrosion and perform easy welding without contaminating the weld or create defects.

Stop rust with Bloxide

Tempil Bloxide Rust Preventive Weldable Coating stops rust while steel is waiting to be welded. It prevents pinholes and porosity  while it’s being welded


Tempil Bloxide Rust Preventive Weldable Coating is one of the best versatile rust preventive weldable primers which is enhanced by corrosion preventative features and can be applied
to a wide range of metals for extended periods of storage, assisting in producing X-Ray quality welds.


Bloxide can be advantageously used on all steels, and Is compatible with most welding processes

Tempil Bloxide Rust Preventive Weldable Coating

Solution Opportunities
• At the Jobsite for a new natural gas processing plant, pre-fabricated metal components
are subjected to the elements as they sit in a yard prior to being welded.
• Zinc-based primers are sometimes used, but most materials are left uncoated, leading
to corrosion and damage of the surface before assembly.
• Removing unwanted primers or corrosion from the surface before welding can add
significant time, labor, and rework costs.

Solving The Problem
• Bloxide® protects metals from unwanted corrosion and can be easily welded through
without contaminating the weld or create defects.
• Aluminum-based formula is highly conductive to allow for easy welding through
without prior removal and won’t create toxic fumes.

Customer Benefits
• Save Time & Money – No need to grind or remove primer coating on metal prior to welding.
• Protect Your Investments – Protect expensive materials against the formation of rust and corrosions during extended
periods of time in the field.
• Easy-to-Apply – Can be easily applied with a brush, dipped, or sprayed on with aerosol cans.

Finding New Opportunities
Key Applications: Pipeline transmission installers, pre-fabrication, welders, shipbuilding, oil and gas production.
• How do you protect your prepped materials while they are in the field waiting for assembly?
• If current primers are removed prior to welding, how much time is spent on the Jobsite removing these coatings?
• Do you have any concerns with your current primer compromising your weld or causing health concerns?

Features of Bloxide® versatile rust preventive weldable primer :


• Enhanced corrosion resistance for extended periods of storage
• Aluminum-base formula allows for welding without removal, reducing downtime and rework contamination
• High temperature resistant to 800°F (427°C)
• Recommended film thickness: wet 3.0 mil, dry 0.75 mil
• Can be sprayed, brushed or parts can be dipped into it
• Made in U.S.A.

Industry Uses:

• Welding
• Metal fabrication
• Oil & Gas
• Pipeline Transmission
• Ship Building
• Pre-Fabrication

Surface Uses:

• Steel
• Iron
• Aluminum
• stainless steel

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