Tempil incorporates state of the art temperature indicator technology to develop a wide range of temperature measurement products which include temperature indicators, temperature strips, temperature labels, temperature dots, and sterilization inks. These products are produced in a wide range of configurations to meet the needs of applications requiring accurate temperature measurement and temperature control. Common usage includes sterilization processes, pharmaceutical packaging, temperature testing, temperature measurement and temperature verification.

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  • Tempilstik

    tempilstikThe simple surface Tempil – Temperature Indicators that delivers reliable and accurate results.

    :: Temperatures available: 38°C to 1093°C
    :: Reliably accurate – melts within +/- 1% of the rated temperature
    :: Lead and sulfur free
    :: Certification available upon request
    :: Lot numbered for traceability

  • Pyromark

    pyromark1A silicone-based coating, is specifically formulated for protecting, decorating, or color identifying metal surfaces that will be subjected to high temperatures.

    :: Pyromark provides long-lasting protection against oxidation and corrosion
    :: It has excellent coverage characteristics – no blistering, chipping, cracking or peeling at rated temperatures.

  • Bloxide

    bloxide2Bloxide® is a unique formula that can be applied to a wide range of metals preventing the formation of rust and corrosion during extended periods of storage. It is completely weldable, also improving the weld quality after application. Temperature resistant upto 427 C

    :: Marine and off-shore fabrication
    :: All steels, including high tensile, carbon moly and chrome moly
    :: Primer for paint and coatings


    tempilaq_feature2Optimal for cold and/or smooth surfaces, Tempilaq G® Indicating Liquid is a quick, easy and cost-effective method to verify the achievement of a specific temperature on a wide range of surfaces under dynamic conditions.

    :: 43 different temperature ratings from 175°F to 1900°F (79°C to 1038°C)
    :: Reliably accurate – melts within ±1 percent of rated temperature
    :: Easy to apply quick-drying fluid


    IRTgun_case1The Tempil IRT-16 Infrared Thermometer is the industry’s most advanced, non-contact, infrared technology-based surface temperature measurement device. The lightweight and compact Tempil IRT-16 is easy to use and engineered to provide superior accuracy and consistency in surface temperature measurement for a wide range of non-conventional surface temperature measurement applications. The Tempil IRT-16 Infrared Thermometer will accurately measure temperatures in a range from -76°F to 1157°F, and its easily adjustable emissivity, combined with laser targeting and a 16:1 distance to spot ratio, allows for greater precision over a variety of applications. IRT-16 can be easily converted to a contact measurement device by using K-Type thermocouple (available on request).


    estikDeveloped by Tempil engineers for a wide range of critical temperature monitoring applications, our patent-pending Estik™ incorporates the latest in micro-thermocouple technology with a bold digital readout to instantly display the surface temperature with an accuracy of +/- 2%. Measuring surface temperature from 32°F to 999°F (0°C to 537°C), Tempil Estik can be used on polished or non-polished surfaces. Unlike other types of electronic technology, it is not necessary to know what the emissivity of the surface material is in order to obtain an accurate reading.