Temperature Indicating Label Strips

A fast simple temperature monitoring system based on proprietary colour change technology.

Thermax  Temperature Indicating Labels is uniquely designed to immediately deliver accurate and reliable readings consistently – in a variety of applications or environments. Featuring a self-adhesive backing, Thermax labels can be quickly affixed to any surface. These are available in 10 Level strips, 8 Level strips, 6 Level strips, 5 Level strips, 4 Level strips, 3 Level strips with different temperature range.

Key Product Features

  • Immediate and Permanent Record of Highest Temperature

  • Scale: °F & °C
  • Packing: 1 packet consists 10 labels/ Strips
  • Self Adhesive Label
  • Last Black Event is the Highest Temperature Achieved
  • Accuracy- Less than 100°C is ±1°C; 100°C to 154°C is ±1.5°C Greater than 154°C is ±4°C
  • Oil and Water Resistant

Thermax® Temperature Indicating Labels/ Strips have a wide variety of uses in quality control and preventive maintenance at all levels of the industrial channel.

Moving and Rotating Equipment : Motors, equipment, gearboxes Bearings, belt drives
 Wave Soldering

Electrical Applications: Circuit breakers, Lighting ballasts, Thermal switches

Heat Sensitive Supply Chain Applications: Medical Devices, Medicine and Vaccines, Metal and Plastic Products that lose integrity when exposed to high or low temperatures

HVAC Applications: Compressor discharge lines, Steam traps

Many other Unique Temperature Monitoring Applications