Thermax Temperature Indicating Label Strips

Thermax temperature indicating labels is a fast and simple temperature monitoring system based on proprietary color change technology.

Thermax  Temperature Indicating Labels is uniquely designed to immediately deliver accurate and reliable readings consistently – in a variety of applications or environments. Featuring a self-adhesive backing, Thermax labels can be quickly affixed to any surface. These are available in 10 Level strips, 8 Level strips, 6 Level strips, 5 Level strips, 4 Level strips, 3 Level strips with different temperature ranges.

These are self-adhesive labels that can be quickly affixed to any surface that change in color from silver to black. Options include level strips, mini strips, encapsulated indicators, level microstrip, and clock indicators.

Thermax temperature indicating labels: Key Product Features

  • Immediate and Permanent Record of Highest Temperature

Thermax Temperature Indicating Labels

  • Scale: °F & °C
  • Packing: 1 packet consists 10 labels/ Strips
  • Self Adhesive Label
  • Last Black Event is the Highest Temperature Achieved
  • Accuracy- Less than 100°C is ±1°C; 100°C to 154°C is ±1.5°C Greater than 154°C is ±4°C
  • Oil and Water Resistant

Thermax® Temperature Indicating Labels/ Strips have a wide variety of uses in quality control and preventive maintenance at all levels of the industrial channel.

Moving and Rotating Equipment: Motors, equipment, gearboxes Bearings, belt drives
 Wave Soldering

Electrical Applications: Various applications such as – Circuit breakers, Lighting ballasts, Thermal switches, etc

Heat Sensitive Supply Chain Applications: Medical Devices, Medicine and Vaccines, Metal and Plastic Products that lose integrity when exposed to high or low temperatures

HVAC Applications: Compressor discharge lines, Steam traps

Many other Unique Temperature Monitoring Applications 

These labels can be used in numerous applications such as Food, Medical, Automotive, Aerospace, and Engineering.

The labels are very Inexpensive and Easy to Use, Gives Immediate Response, Permanent records of the Highest Temperature Reached, Oil, Water, and Steam Resistant.