Thermax Irreversible Temperature Sensitive Products

Irreversible Temperature Labels: A fast simple temperature monitoring system based on Proprietory colour change technology.

Inexpensive and easy to use.
Immediate Response
Permanent Record of highest temperature
Oil, water and steam resistant.
Labels or strips
Silver to black colour change.

Tempil Thermax  Temperature Indicating Labels is uniquely designed to immediately deliver accurate and reliable readings consistently – in a variety of applications or environments. Featuring a self-adhesive backing, Thermax labels can be quickly affixed to any surface. These are available in 10 Level strips, 8 Level strips, 6 Level strips, 5 Level strips, 4 Level strips, 3 Level strips with different temperature range.

Packing: 10 labels in a packIMAGES


– Immediate response

– Accurate to +/- 2% of the Fahrenheit rating

– One-way color change

– Permanent record for inspection and quality control

– Constantly Calibrated

– Lot numbered for traceability

– Oil, water and steam resistant