Temperature Indicating Labels: Features and Benefits

Thermax tempertaure indicating labels

Temperature Indicating Label is uniquely designed to immediately deliver accurate and reliable readings consistently – in a variety of applications, various environments, different industrial sectors and wide coverage of daily purposes 

Featuring a self-adhesive backing, Thermax labels can be quickly affixed to any surface. These are available in 10 Level strips, 8 Level strips, 6 Level strips, 5 Level strips, 4 Level strips, 3 Level strips with different temperature ranges.

Key Product Features

  • Immediate and Permanent Record of Highest Temperature
  • Scale: °F & °C
  • Packing: 1 packet consists 10 labels/ Strips
  • Self Adhesive Label
  • Last Black Event is the Highest Temperature Achieved
  • Accuracy- Less than 100°C is ±1°C; 100°C to 154°C is ±1.5°C Greater than 154°C is ±4°C
  • Oil and Water Resistant


Tempilabel and Thermax phase change temperature labels are made of materials with melting points calibrated to a guaranteed accuracy of + / – 2 %. The label color changes to black, for irreversible labels, letting the user know when a preset minimum or maximum temperature has been reached.


When compared to other temperature monitoring methods, our labels require no setup, calibration, or re-calibration periods. Tempilabel and Thermax labels are tamperproof and unlikely targets for theft.

Temperature Indicating Labels: How easy it is to use? 

Tempilabel and Thermax react within seconds, unlike a thermocouple or probe that must reach equilibrium with the surface and have to compensate for heat conducted away from the region being tested. Tempilabel and Thermax are in direct contact with the surface being measured; and easily show that the temperature has been reached.

Watch how to use Temperature Indicating Label?

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