Miller’s Subarc Series are three-phase, CC/CV DC power sources designed to provide a superior arc for the SAW welding process. Also available in square wave AC/DC powersources for thick structures, cladding overlays etc.Sub Arc Series

  • Easier setup and operation – The improved user interface of the Subarc Series makes setting up and operating the power source relatively simple. The operator is presented only with the necessary functions to set process and control output.
  • Greater control of deposition, penetration, and heat input. Miller SAW solutions are designed to deposit large amounts of filler material and achieve deep penetration on thick or large surface area weldments.
  • Multi-arc capable. AC welding output enables the Subarc AC/DC to be used in tandem arc welding systems with a DC lead arc and AC trailing arc, or with AC / AC arc combinations. Using multiple arcs further increases deposition rate, resulting in shorter welding cycles for very thick weldments without compromising quality
  • Part of a customized system. Miller power sources and system components enable users to implement a customized SAW solution that best fits their operations when combined with the travel and manipulation equipment they prefer.

HDC 1500 Controller

Both HDC 1500 automatic weld controllers offer reliability, flexibility, and performance with their ability to interface with DC, CC/CV power sources having remote contactor and output control capabilities.

HDC 1500DX

  • DC controller
  • CV and CV+C process modes.
  • New CV+C mode allows operator to preset and monitor voltage as well as amperage rather then wirefeed speed.
  • Crater, Burnback and Run-In standard
  • 12 pre-settable and lockable programs.
  • Internal terminal strip allows easy hookup for automatic flux valve, peripheral equipment and provisions to add remote start/stop and inch up/down.






RATED OUTPUT at 104° F (40°c)


Subarc DC 650

SAW/ ESSC/ Tandem/ Carbon Air Arc

3 Phase


CC Mode: 50-815 Amps

650 Amps at 44VDC, 100% Duty Cycle

247 kgs


CV Mode: 10-65V

Subarc DC 1000

CC Mode: 100-1250 Amps

1000 Amps at 38 V, 100% Duty Cycle

292 kgs

CV Mode: 10-60V

Subarc DC 1000

CC Mode: 350-1250 Amps

1000 Amps at 44 V, 100% duty cycle

540 kgs

CV Mode: 25-44V