Omega specialty lubricants are probably the finest line of quality oils, greases and additives in the world.

Omega specialty lubricants are generally made from premium and limited source Paraffinic-type base oils because of their naturally higher viscosity index, stability and purity. Besides, Omega specialty lubricants contain scientifically-developed exclusive supplements called – “Megalites”.

These supplements are a technologically-advanced family of exclusive and unique agents designed to provide maximum protection for costly machinery, vehicles & plant equipment.

Omega supplies total concept lubricants engineered and developed with the single aim of enabling machinery to perform more efficiently, with less wear and extended service life.

Omega manufacturing division uses only the best base stocks for its lubricating fluid and has developed the most advanced formulation of thickening agents. The comprehensive range of Omega greases marks the beginning of a new industrial standard and is designed to provide users with many advantages, including :

♦ Improved machinery performance
♦ Elimination of misapplication
♦ Simplification of inventory
♦ Reduced procurement costs and storage space
♦ Versatility of uses
♦ Reduced downtime and production lose


  • Extreme Heat Resistant Grease.

    Extreme Heat Resistant Grease. Remains stable up to 315°C (600°F). For kiln, baking, steam, chemical, tooling and foundry high temperature applications. No ordinary grease will take the high heat that Omega 33 can.

  • Super Bearing Grease

    Forms a wear arresting film on rollers, balls and races which seal out dirt, dust, mud and water. Will not channel to outer bearings and has a minimum dropping point of 249°C.

  • Long-life Chain and Cable Grease.


    Effectively penetrates and replenishes the core lubricant in chains, cables and wire rope. Remarkable tenacity prevents “fling off”. Protects against saltwater corrosion, mud, water, dust and dirt. Easy to apply, no heating required.

  • Waterproof Open Gear Grease
    omega73Waterproof open gear lubricant. For heavy duty service. Provides super wear resistance, absorbs shock loads, protects against rust and corrosion. Easy to apply without heating; stays in place longer in hot or cold temperatures.
  • Waterproof Open Gear Grease


    EP bearing & chassis grease for heavy duty chassis points in both friction and anti-friction bearings. Withstands extreme shock loadings. Forms its own seal against water and outside temperatures and contaminants. Has high resistance to pounding out. Excellent cohesive and EP properties.

  • “Shear Sensation Plus” All-Purpose Grease


    “Shear Sensation Plus” all-purpose grease. Has unmatched shear strength and in-built temperature stability. Stays exactly without squeeze out, thinning or deforming. Matches every seal type.

  • “Seize-Stop” Grease.


    Omega 99 is an acid-resistant, water-proof, alkali-proof, high heat resistant, metal preserving lubricant. It prevents metal seizure and enhances the ease with which equipment can be efficiently dismantled for maintenance purposes.


  • OMEGA 690 Super EP Gear Oil


    OMEGA 690 super EP gear oil protects & lubricates gears with the innovative CTA (Compensatory Thermostatic Action) that delivers the ultimate “stay put” lubricity – maximizing gear efficiency. OMEGA 690 surpasses the API GL-5 and GL-6 requirements.

  • High-Performance Worm Gear Oil


    High-performance worm gear oil. Improves operating efficiency, saves energy, lowers operating temperatures and provides superior operating life for worm gear sets.

  • Superior Food Machinery Oil


    Superior food machinery oil. Omega advanced additives chemistry makes it possible, for the first time, to produce a high-performance Pharmaceutical grade oil. Outlasts and outperforms any ordinary pure grade oil used in food processing, abattoirs, bottling, hospitals, canneries, bakeries and laboratories.