Through intense research, Magna developed a welding process exclusively designed for maintenance. During the past 30 years, it has repeatedly been proven that Magna Maintenance Welding Alloys and Electrodes are not only based on sound scientific principles, but offer numerous advantages over ordinary welding rods. Along with advanced welding alloys, Magna provides a unique maintenance-oriented service in over 80 countries.

Today there are over one million industries that rely on Magna for their maintenance welding requirements. The savings made each year by industry in using the unique Magna Maintenance Welding Process is inestimable



  • Magna 303

    Ferrite balanced super-strength non-cracking alloy for all steels.

    Welds dissimilar metal combinations and gives a deposit length that is 20-25% more than normal electrode.

  • Magna 305

    Supertough alloy for high-strength steels.

    For weldingn T-1 and other heavy duty steels, construction steels and fabrication. Provides superior crack resistance – even without preheating.

  • Magna 307

    “Magnamatic” electrode for mild steel.

    Provides extraordinary weldability for ease of use. Ideal for “on-site” and restrictive position use.

Cast Iron

  • Magna 770

    High-strength non-cracking machinable electrode for cast iron.

    Gives perfect machinable welds on practically all types of cast iron. Requires absolutely no preheating.

  • Magna 777

    Generation II machinable electrode for cast iron.

    Superior design enables economical use on virtually all types of cast iron. High-tech “controlled blast” pulse action automatically burns off surface contaminants before weld metal transfer.



  • Magna 401

    Universal hardfacing electrode.

    Tough ferritic matrix that resists both impact and abrasion. Outwears other electrodes that cost twice as much.

  • Magna 402

    Impact-resistant alloy for manganese steel.

    Withstand extreme shock, loading & impact. Ideal for heavy construction & mining equipment overlays and build-ups

  • Magna 405

    Superior build-up electrode.

    Excellent for flame hardening. Non-cracking even on multipass deposits.



Brazing Rods

  • Magna 51

    Low-temp soldering alloy for dissimilar metals.

    Its extreme low-temperature application (179°C) provides outstanding versatility. Is ideal for all white metals, including zinc pewter and aluminum.

  • Magna 66F
    magna-66fMagna 66F flux-coated silver alloy for maintenance

    a truly “All-Purpose” high silver content brazing rod that bonds well to almost all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


Tig Filler Wire

  • Magna 39FC

    A state-of-the-art flux-cored wire promotes genuine cost & time saving in maintenance welding of pipes & vessels

  • Magna 28

    A superior non-rusting TIG Filler Metal for rebuilding or overlaying metal against the most stressful wear and corrosion.