The Aquasol Corporation, a leading manufacturer and converter of water-soluble paper and tape since 2003, offers a full range of capabilities for fabricating. Aquasol Corporation has successfully marketed water-soluble products to various industries, domestically and internationally. Some of the common and well-known industries served are TIG Welding, Pressure Piping, Oil & Gas.

We exclusively represent Aquasol products all across India. 

  • Water Soluble Paper


    Aquasol® purge paper is used to dam Argon or Helium gases during Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding of stainless steel and aluminum pipes. The greatest advantage of Aquasol® water- soluble purge dams is that they can be placed in close proximity to a weld zone, then dissolved with water or steam introduced through the pipe.

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  • Purge Bladder

    ipurgeI-Purge™ Modular Inflatable Bladder System, the most advanced and versatile solution for pipe purging, enables to accomplish a number of different purge requirements with one interchangeable solution. It is equipped with Quick Connect Fittings, components easily snap on and off in seconds! With the Isolator™ Adaptor Kit, a one sided plug can be created to close off the end of a pipe for servicing, cleaning, inspection or sealing. The Proprietary Relief Valve Technology enables the system to inflate at a precise rate. I-Purge Modular Systems are available in sizes 2 – 36 (51 – 914 mm) and can be customized to suit your specific purging requirement.

  • Oxygen Monitor

    Pro-Ox-100The “Pro OX® -100 Kit” is a durable, battery powered instrument that accurately measures oxygen concentration with 0.1%(1000ppm)  with 0.01%(100ppm)resolution. The “Pro OX® -100 Kit” Kit is ideally suited for high purity welding where evacuation of oxygen is paramount. Prior to welding, the pipe will be pre-purged to displace oxygen with an inert gas. Constant monitoring of the oxygen level is necessary until it is ascertained that the oxygen has been evacuated to 0.1%(1000ppm)  with 0.01%(100ppm) to enable the commencement of welding to prevent oxidation, discoloration and coking. The “Pro OX® -100 Kit” accurately measures low concentrations of oxygen in purged tubing and high purity weldments, ensuring a high quality finish.

    Aquasol PRO OX-100