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The best Oxygen monitor system for welding supplier and manufacturer – The Aquasol Corporation, is a leading maker of Oxygen monitor system for welding and other cutting-edge purging technologies for the welding industry.

PRO OX-100 Kit


Internationally renowned for its highly advanced features and low-cost, this oxygen weld monitor with an internal pump accurately measures down to 0.01% (100 ppm) resolution, making it ideal for purging and other welding applications.

Great pride goes into manufacturing the CE approved PRO OX-100 in the USA at the Aquasol® Corporation’s ISO Certified Factory.

The PRO OX-100 comes equipped with many advanced features such as its data logging capabilities, which allow operators to create permanent records of real time data (at 15 second intervals) and export up to 50 data points to Microsoft® Excel and plain text format.

The PRO OX-100 also offers a built-in, programmable multi-language feature with on-screen instructions that are available in English, Spanish, German, and Portuguese. Together with different voltage and frequency specifications and compatibilities, the PRO OX-100 is the most universal oxygen weld monitor available on the global market today.

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