Messer Cutting Products




The Adolf Messer GmbH, founded in 1898, developed the first oxyfuel torches for welding and cutting. The company became known worldwide as gas and welding technology manufacturer Messer Griesheim GmbH. Messer Cutting & Welding at Frankfurt, combines many years of experience in welding and process technology with innovation, quality and reliability. The wide range of products offer solutions for almost every case of application. Messer quality stands out due to its economic efficiency and long service life. The objective is to create maximum benefit for the customer by using the knowledge of customer requirements, high technical competency and flexible, innovative products.

Since 1991, all company processes have been subjected to quality monitoring in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.
oxyfuel torchesPROFI Cut H:

:: New Generation Nozzle Mixing Technology

:: High resistance to back fires

:: 90° Solid Forged Brass Head

:: Comfortable working for continuous operation

:: Torch Weight: 1050 gms

:: Length: 510 mm

:: Rugged design ensures maximum strength

:: Precise flow rates

:: Heavy duty applications even at low cylinder pressures

:: Cutting Range: 3 – 300 mm

:: Reduced Post Cut Grinding Operation

:: Same torch can be used for Acetylene / LPG / BMCG(Bharat Metal Cutting Gas)

Untitled-4 Tornado:

:: Reliable, Versatile & Compact Internationally Proven

:: Save gases by using Facility to Lock Pressure & Flow

:: S.S Sintered Central Micro Flow

:: No contamination of Valve Seat

:: No gas leakages

:: Maintenance free

:: Thick NBR diaphragm

::Supported by large Backup Plate

:: Minimum pressure fluctuation

:: High flow rates even at low cylinder pressures

:: Pressure relief valve

:: Prevents dust and contaminants from entering the regulator

:: Forged brass body & housing cap

:: Fire- retardant valve seat material


flashback-arrestor-2Flashback Arrestor:

::World Class Safety Equipment

::Made from corrosion resistant steel

::Inhibits reverse gas flow

::Made from sintered stainless steel arrests flashbacks reliably




::Built in auto cut-out which automatically shuts off the gas supply







GAS Economizer:

::For saving Oxygen, Fuel Gas, Time and Torch Wear

::Robust Construction- Greater efficiency and safer operation

::Pilot Flame- Easy restart of torch without resetting of flame




::Easy Installation- Can be fitted on any work bench or wall bracket

::Designed in accordance to the most current internationally recognized standards EN ISO, BSP, CGA and NFS

::Manufactured under the quality management system of EN ISO 9001





::100% tested before dispatch

::Principally designed for general workshop welding, heating and brazing up to 3,5 bar / 51 psi oxygen pressure

::Simple to fit to any work bench or wall bracket with angle mounting bracket supplied

::Discontinues automatically the supply of oxygen and fuel gas to the torch when the torch is placed on the hook during the intervals between operations

::The flame does not require re-setting on resuming operations

::When the torch is unhooked, the full gas flow is released and the previous mixing ratio is maintained

::Absolutely necessary whenever work involves frequent stoppages; as in production brazing

::Greatly improves brazing efficiency & productivity and economy in gas consumption





High Heating Performance with Fuel Gas Only. The New High Performance Brazing and Heating Torch AIRTHERM *FSH-P* continues the tradition of Messer gas brazing and heating equipment with the quality and reliability, which is synonymous with Messer







The torch series AIRTHERM *FSH-P* for fuel gas propane/ atmospheric air with a power and highly stable flame even in most adverse conditions is a proven design incorporating the latest technical features necessary to meet the ever-changing applications and requirements for gas brazing and heating.

The Brazing and Heating Torch AIRTHERM *FSH-P* is the low cost, high quality, value alternative.






::The Minitherm torch range has been developed to meet the need of trade and industry for a small injector torch to handle special jobs.

::Various torch inserts from micro fine applications to powerful heating, welding and soldering work

::High safety levels due to injector suction principle

::Work without fatigue due to low weight

::Optimum freedom of movement due to compact size

minitherm-4::Can be used with all gasses