Omega 85

Trust Omega 85 – Save Money – Enhance Performance – Extend service life

  • Superior thickener and additives ensure unparalleled shear stability.
  • True multi-purpose versatility – ideal for virtually all applications.
  • Outstanding oxidation stability to assure long service life.

Omega 85 “Shear Sensation Plus” All-Purpose Grease is “Leading-Edge Technology” – the result of extensive and tireless laboratory and field testing by Omega research engineers.
• Omega 85 has a superior thickener and additives package that ensures unparalleled stability under high-shear conditions.
• Omega 85 provides true multi-purpose versatility – it’s ideal for virtually all applications.
• Omega 85 greatly reduces the need for re-greasing because of its long service life.

Omega 85 is the superior all-purpose grease that:
• Won’t squeeze out or migrate away from applied surfaces.
• Has a non-metallic thickening system to minimise the hardening of the grease due to oxidation of the base oil.
• Is fully compatible with all types of seal materials – avoids difficult seal replacements caused by grease damage.
• Eliminates guesswork and misapplication – all-purpose versatility saves you time and money!

Omega 85 is quality-engineered to lubricate virtually any type of equipment. You can safely and confidently use Omega 85 for almost any type of grease lubrication for reliable and long-lasting results.
Use Omega 85 for:
• All Types of Bearings • All Types of Machinery and Factory Equipment • All Types of Vehicle Lubrication Requiring a Grease • Marine and Dockside Equipment • And more…

“Shear Sensation Plus” (SSP) all-purpose grease is an improved version of unique and continuing Omega research into the development of a single grease to meet virtually any automotive and industrial application. “Shear Sensation Plus” (SSP) is an improved formulation and features the same phenomenal shear stability that remains unmatched by any ordinary grease!

Through extensive laboratory and field testing, Omega engineers have further improved the shear stability built into Omega 85 “Shear Sensation Plus”, while retaining its truly multi-purpose functionality.

It features an improved dropping point in excess of 520°F (270°C) for the NLGI # 2 grade coupled with the legendary continuously effective Extreme Pressure performance and thermally-stable base oil. It continues to be eminently suited for prolonged superlative lubrication performance at elevated temperatures. Due to the especially improved high-quality base oil used and good penetration properties built into Omega 85, it retains its excellent low-temperature lubrication characteristics.

It continues to be fully compatible with bearing seal materials such as hytrel, Viton, and neoprene. It also provides excellent compatibility with soap thickened greases (such as lithium-based) and will not adversely co-react when used in such applications where residuals of these may remain.

There is virtually no limit to application recommendations. It can be applied with superlative lubrication results in automotive and industrial plain and anti-friction bearings, in hot or cold environments, and subjected to light, medium, or heavy loads – even over super-extended periods of operation.

Its unique, advanced, and improved constituents provide outstanding resistance to water and encompass a “moisture-lock” to provide excellent protection against rust. It therefore effectively tolerates wet working environments. In continuing development testing, it retains its superlative properties after 3,000 hours in the ASTM-D-3336 long-life bearing test at 300°F (1,000 hours is already considered outstanding performance) !!! Omega 85 “Shear Sensation Plus” continues to stand out as a superior multipurpose grease that covers virtually the entire spectrum of lubrication applications in the automotive and industrial field and fully the equal of the widest range of applications, environment, and application conditions to be found anywhere. It also continues to provide extended superior performance and represents the highest level of technical excellence in the field of lubrication ever developed for commercial applications.

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