Omega 77

Trust Omega 77 – Save Money – Enhance Performance – Extend service life

  • Super all-purpose lubricant for extreme-pressure & high-impact conditions.
  • Withstands shock – resists squeeze-out and thinning.
  • Quality engineered to last longer – saves time & money!

Omega 77 EP Bearing & Chassis Grease is the super sophisticated chassis and bearing grease with truly “All-Purpose” versatility.
• Omega 77 is ideal for extreme-pressure and high-impact conditions where ordinary greases fail.
• Omega 77 withstands shock – resists squeeze-out and thinning to stay in place.
• Omega 77 is quality engineered for extended service life – lasts longer to save you time and money!

Omega 77 is EP (extreme pressure) bearing and chassis grease that:
• Is confidently recommended for high-speed, high-powered equipment.
• Resists water, acids and air-borne contaminants – forms its own protective seal to prevent rust and oxidation.
• Provides superior lubricity that significantly reduces energy requirements.

Omega 77 provides an exceptional standard of lubrication for the endless variety of mechanical equipment in use today.
Use Omega 77 for:
• High-Speed Bearings • Vehicle Chassis • Wheel Bearings • Slideways and Sleeves • Guides & Tracks • Railway Equipment and Rolling Stock.
Omega 77 is the right lubricant for these metals and combination of metals:
• Aluminum • Cast Iron • Nickel • Antimony • Indium • Silver • Bismuth • Iron • Steel • Tin • Cadmium • Lead • Zinc.

Omega 77 is a sophisticated, impact-resistant, chassis and bearing lubricant incorporated with the unique Omega “Megalite to ensure longer service life. It provides an exceptional standard of lubrication to the endless variety of mechanical equipment in use today. This results in dramatically reduced inventories, downtime, and maintenance cost.

Omega 77 resists squeeze-out and thinning. Bearings must provide the support and constraint to a moving link of kinematic chains or mechanisms. The prime objective is to retain complete lubricant coverage and yet still provide maximum mechanical freedom. Ordinary greases are unable to withstand the everyday pressures of bearings and subsequently, disintegrate rapidly leaving prime support areas in direct, metal-to-metal contact!

Omega 77 possesses almost infinite strength to support maximum loads without rupturing, disintegrating. crumbling or crushing. When subjected to compression, the unique Omega “Megalite” fortified in the lubricating film of Omega 77 serves as molecular bearings to keep frictional surfaces apart.

Omega 77 has constant conformity. This aspect provides the essential texture for precision applications and the necessary allowance for possible surface deformity in the bearing. This ensures that alignment remains constant.

It provides an excellent reduction of friction between journal and bearing. This results in considerably lower energy consumption and wears – especially during the critical start-up period.

It does NOT expand or contract as a result of temperature or climatic changes. Ordinary greases not only expand but often form small hard congellants that rapidly transform into diamond-hard abrasives. This causes heavy bearing drag which overloads equipment and increases the frictional energy requirements.

It rapidly absorbs and dissipates heat. Frictional heat can have a marked effect on the running efficiency of the equipment. Ordinary greases tend to burn up and this enables ‘hot-spots to form. These develop into irreparable wear areas.

It has active supplements that ensure total surface coverage.

It is resistant to the acids formed by “mixed-greases” previously used in the equipment. It is also resistant to acids formed by contaminants.

Ordinary greases tend to lubricate only those areas where they can be applied. This results in large areas, without lubrication, being subjected to damaging contact and eventual seizure! It has a spreading ability that ensures ALL potential wear areas are covered.

It is ideal for application to the following metals and combinations of metals:
Aluminium, Cast Iron, Nickel, Antimony, Indium, Silver, Bismuth, Iron, Steel, Cadmium, Lead, Tin, Zinc.

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