Modular inflatable bladder system for welding : I-Purge® X

By far the most versatile and adaptable Modular inflatable bladder system available on today’s market for welding

Modular inflatable bladder system for welding : I-Purge and I-Purge X Modular System components combine to offer the welding industry more customized solutions for pipe purging than ever before.

I-Purge® X : The most innovative purging device : Equipped with Aquasol’s unique Quick-Connect fittings, components easily snap on and off in seconds. A variety of standard harness lengths allow the user to customize length based on individual project needs, enabling placement of the bladders outside the heat-affected zone (HAZ). These flexible, high heat harnesses allow for navigation through elbows and T-joints, and have a central point marked with a luminescent indicator for easy alignment with the center of the root gap.

Important guidelines and articles about Aquasol purging products given below :

The I-Purge Modular System is comprised of two spark-resistant, inflatable bladders connected by a high-heat resistant bridge harness. Unlike other purge bladders with permanent fittings, Aquasol’s ground-breaking design allows for the creation of a pipe reducer by simply connecting two bladders of different, yet similar, diameters.

A tri-flow hose maximizes efficiency by enabling bladder inflation and quick flooding of the purge area with noble gas. An innovative tubing system provides separate connections for inflation of bladders along with introduction of inert gas to the weld zone to expedite the purging process. The inflated bladders create an airtight seal against the pipe walls and a superior barrier. Another connection enables monitoring of exhaust gases ensuring an oxygen-free environment. Aquasol’s patent-pending diffuser evenly distributes gas throughout the purge area, greatly reducing turbulence. Once the weld is complete the bladders can be deflated, extracted, cleaned, and stored in the convenient carrying bag provided with every system.

Features and Benefits :

  • Equipped with proprietary Bladder Expansion Technology (BET) that enables one unit to fit multiple pipe sizes and schedules
  • Designed to expand and contract numerous times
  • Manufactured in the USA from the highest quality materials
  • Inflated bladders create an impermeable, air tight seal on pipe wall for multiple inflation dimensions
  • Spark resistant, durable exterior cover does not melt
  • Heavy-duty interior inflatable bag
  • Re-usable, long-term solution for purging multiple pipes of the same diameter
  • Internal hose and protective external fiberglass sleeve capable of withstanding high temperatures
  • Flexible bridge harness easily navigates through pipes, including elbows and tees over 90°
  • Kink resistant hose assures continuous gas supply
  • Complete with luminescent indicator for accurate alignment at root gap
  • Various lengths of harnesses available to accommodate heat affected zone (HAZ) during pre-heating and high heat applications
  • I-Purge X 38″ to 48″ is equipped with a high flow harness to expedite inflation
  • Push-button feature enables modules to snap-in-place in seconds
  • State-of-the-art technology allows for greater versatility and easy assembly – enabling the user to create multiple configurations
  • Easy change and replacement of components to avoid costly re-purchase of complete system, with spare parts available for separate purchase
  • Corrosion resistant proven lock mechanism for secure connection
  • Strong pull loops can be connected to a rope or chain to insert or remove the I-Purge X
  • It is important that bladders be deflated before insertion or removal
  • Moderate tension (approx. 5 lbs.) should be applied on pull-wires to prevent sagging of the harness during installation and operation


  • The I–Purge Modular System can be used multiple times thanks to its durable construction and high-quality components.
  • Aquasol Corporation has again simplified the purging process with another unique, patent-pending product, providing the industry with the most versatile option to date.
  • Bladders are available in sizes ranging from 2″ to 48” and maybe purchased either individually or as a complete system, a distinct advantage should a bladder need to be replaced.

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