Continuum™ 500

  • Exception Arc Performance The Continuum system delivers exceptional arc performance with less spatter and higher-quality welds on both thin and thick metals.
  • Smart and powerful digital design has the fast response needed to deliver the most stable welding performance for better welding results
  • Welding information management systems, Insight CoreTM (standard) and Insight CenterpointTM (optional), improve your welding operations by increasing productivity, improving quality and managing costs.
  • USB functionality allows custom settings to be saved on a USB flash drive for duplicating settings for a specific operator, job, or to manage fleet configurations.
  • Improvements to Accu-Pulse® / MIG & RMD® – Reducing Spatter, Improved Arc Control, Improved Productivity
  • NEW! High-deposition MIG Higher deposition rates than standard spray transfer — resulting in faster welding and increased productivity. Typically used for thicker material and larger welds (6 to 8 mm).