DC TIG & Stick

Miller Maxstar welders feature advanced inverter technology for the most flexible and reliable DC TIG/STICK solutions in the welding industry. Compact designs offer superior arc performance and control that set new standards for productivity and weld quality, while lowering the cost of installation and operation.


Maxstar Series Features

  • Autoline Allows for any input voltage hook-up with no manual linking, providing convenience in any jobmiller-maxstar
  • Blue Lightning high-frequency arc starter for more consistent non-contact starts and greater reliability compared to traditional HF arc starters.
  • Lift-Arc start provides TIG arc starting without the use of high frequency.
  • Hot Start adaptive control provides positive Stick arc starts without sticking.
  • Fan-On-Demand cooling system only operates when needed to reduce noise, energy use and contaminants pulled through the machine.
  • Auto-postflow calculates the length of postflow time based on the amperage setting. Eliminates need to independently set postflow time.

Maxstar 210 Additional Features

  • 2 models available. Standard model provides basic TIG and Stick functions. DX models comes with pulser and sequencer functions
  • Portable with adjustable shoulder strap. You can take it anywhere

Maxstar 350/ 700 Additional Features

  • High-speed DC TIG pulse controls capable of 5000 pulses per second.
  • 120 V auxiliary power dual receptacle to power cooling system or small tools.
  • Program memory features nine program memories that maintain/save your parameters.




Maxstar 150

Maxstar 200

Maxstar 350

Maxstar 700

Welding Range 5-150A 1-200A 3-350A 5-700A
Duty Cycle 30% @ 150A/ 16V;100% @ 100A/14V 60% @ 170A/17V;100% @ 110A/15V 60% @ 350A/32V;100% @ 250A/30V 60% @ 600A/44V;100% @ 500A/40V
Pulse TIG STH model only DX Model Only Yes Yes
HF Starts STH model only Yes Yes Yes
Blue Lighting Arc Starter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pre-Postflow Control Preset Yes Yes Yes
Digital Meters DX model Only Yes Yes
Weld Sequence Control Yes Yes
Program Memory Yes Yes