Maxstar® 161 STH

  • AutoLine® – Allows for any input voltage hookup (120–240 V) with no manual linking, providing convenience in any job setting. Ideal solution for dirty or unreliable power.
  • Portable in the shop or at the jobsite — at 5.8kgs, the handle/shoulder strap allows the end user to easily move from location to location.
  • Selectable trigger configuration allows the operator to choose standard or 2T trigger method to meet the application
  • Power factor corrected (PFC) for optimum performance especially on 120 volts — reduces nuisance breaker tripping.
  • High-frequency (for STH Model) for non-contact arc initiation that reduces tungsten and material contamination.
  • Pulse (for STH Model) Pulsing can increase puddle agitation, arc stability and travel speeds while reducing heat input and distortion.