Keyhole TIG Welding System
Keyhole TIG Welding System

Keyhole TIG Welding System blitzes traditional welding speeds, uses no filler material or edge preparation up to 16mm thickness in Titanium, and reduces consumables to a fraction of the cost. Also is fully automated, for perfect welds of superior quality, with limited operator experience.

Keyhole TIG Welding System is a commercial reality now and is available with us! 

Keyhole TIG welding system is a game-changer!

Keyhole TIG (K-TIG) welding is a revolutionary technology that eliminates the constraints and inefficiencies of traditional TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding.

K-TIG provides a TIG Welding system which:

  • Is 10x to 100x faster than TIG
  • Delivers weld quality which meets the most demanding requirements of the nuclear, aerospace & defence industries;
  • Welds in a single, full penetration pass & requires no filler or edge preparation;
  • Reduces power consumption by up to 95%;
  • Reduces gas consumption by up to 95%;
  • Eliminates the need for skilled labour;
  • Dramatically improves OH&S conditions;
  • Is fully automated;
  • Is capable of exceptional weld speeds & quality with exotic materials including stainless steel, titanium, nickel alloys, cobalt alloys and zirconium;
  • Is cloud-enabled, recording & archiving comprehensive weld data for complete traceability;
  • Can be remotely programmed & managed, anywhere in the world; &
  • Can integrate with and & control up to 1000 units of plant automation equipment.

The K-TIG platform is ideally suited to the Oil & Gas, Ship Building, Minerals Processing, Power Generation, Defence, Aerospace, Nuclear, Heavy Infrastructure, Production Plant, Filtration & Water Treatment, Tube & Pipe Making, Heat Exchange, Pressure Vessel, Suction Vessel, Cryogenic Vessel, Column and Reactor Manufacturing industries where exceptional speed, quality and traceability are critical.

The K-TIG process involves a specially controlled high current arc which literally cuts a keyhole in the join between the two surfaces, and rejoins the parent material, without the need for filler. The K-TIG automated controller monitors every facet of the welding cell to produce flawless welds at speeds from 10x to 100x faster that traditional TIG, without the need for experienced operators, providing enormous savings for a wide range of welding operations.