Corium, product range of ITW Magna Industrial Co Ltd., Hong Kong, offers a wide range of quality chemical products that are formulated exclusively for the maintenance of machinery, vehicles and equipments. These include:

Special Cleaning Agents • Adhesives • Electronics Industry Maintenance & Repair Products.

In maintenance, the right employment of high quality chemicals is the most important factor. Corium’s intense research for more than 25 years has developed and formulated a wide range of special products that provide you with:

♦ Highest quality chemicals for maximum effectiveness and increased operating efficiency.
♦ Formulae custom-tailored for specific applications for increased parts and equipment life.
♦ Concentrated, high-strength chemicals that are safe and easy to use.
♦ Chemical designed to eliminate downtime and cut maintenance costs.


  • Z 127


    A special maintenance-formulated product designed to ease the arduous problems of seizure, corrosion and rust-frozen components so common in maintenance. Can actually dissolve the rust chemically.

  • Z 211


    Moisture suppressant for electrical fittings. Evaporates water on plugs, points and other delicate automotive parts. Instantly forms moisture barrier.

  • Z 97


    A highly effective chemical compound consists of special additives that transform ordinary water into an effective cleaning solution. It is suitable for engines, machinery and other heavy equipment. Easily remove heavy grease.

  • Z 168


    Electrical & motor cleaner is the new environment-friendly, precision degreaser formulated for electrical contacts and motors. It offers high solvency and fast evaporation properties.

  • Z 76


    Super effective an safe replacement for dangerous muriatic acid. Comes super concentrated with 100% active ingredients. Safe to handle, transport and store without special precautions – unlike volatile acids.