The Firefly, commonly referred to as a ‘Welding Bug’ or ‘Weld Head’, is a semi-automatic welding machine designed and manufactured in the UK by IPWL. The firefly is designed to meet the most rigorous standards and is particularly suited to applications requiring a high level of weld repeatability. The main purpose of the firefly system is to improve the productivity of the welder by continually producing a consistent weld result.

It includes an integrated arc welding logger and monitoring unit which offers a build-in solution- a seamless integration with minimal start up times and no external cabling. It helps aid the decision-making process by providing users with information about the actual weld.

Firefly’s operator’s remote is designed to ease the handling and operation. The HMI Programming Laptop is used as a programming pendant tot enable welding parameter set-up in a familiar windows environment. The bug or weld head runs on a travel guide band which is mounted to the workpiece.

Salient Features:

  • Leading digital technology for precise control of key welding parameters.
  • Multiple pass welding capability for workpieces in all gravity positions.
  • Sector control which enables the customisation of specific sectors to give the maximum flexibility and repeatability to weld parameters.
  • Automatic torch height adjustment features as standard (with suitable inverters).
  • Root pass capability without the need for copper or ceramic backing shoes.
  • Compact size
  • Hard wire and flux core welding capability due to the high torque motor installed
  • Compatible with suitable inverters
  • 8-inch touch screen unit that monitors variables such as voltage, arc current, wire feed speed, travel speed, arc time & traverse speed
  • Hi-visibility display screen of the remote to ease parameter identification
  • Controls functions such as travel speed, travel direction and oscillation
  • The firefly HMI has a ‘team viewer’ remote assist capability which enables on-line diagnostics to be carried out by technicians.
  • The firefly weld head has a simple band clamping latch mechanism to enable fast and effective clamping of the weld head to the band.

Technical Specifications:

Minimum Weld Diameter 6 inches (150mm)
Maximum Weld Diameter Unlimited
Maximum Wall Thickness Unlimited
Maximum Oscillation Width 3.6 inches (92mm) independently adjustable in 0.0001 inch (0.01 mm) increments
Dwell Time 0-8 independently adjustable in 0.01s increments
Travel Speed 0-270 inches (0-6858mm) per minute
Wire Capacity 0.8 – 2.0mm
Machine Weight 10kg Wire off board model 14kg Wire on board model (without 5kg spool)
Machine Dimensions Length 30cm
Width 17cm
Height 27cm to 33cm

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