Miller Big Blue® 400 Pro Engine Driven Diesel welding generator on rental

We, Supertech Services Pvt Ltd, are the first appointed exclusive distributor for Miller welding machines in India since 1999, we provide “Miller Big Blue® 400 Pro Engine Driven Diesel welding generator on rental” and are proud Sales and Service distributor of their other Welding Equipments, Diesel Engine driven sets, Induction Heating Systems, Torches, and other accessories.

Following are the specifications of

Miller Big Blue® 400 Pro Engine Driven welder

Miller Big Blue 400 Pro Engine Driven Welder ArcReach® is “The professional welder’s choice”, designed with the professional in mind, the Big Blue 400 Pro is the best for ease of use, reliability, and fuel economy

  • 10,000 watts of pure generator power. Plug in an extra Miller® inverter-based power source for a second welding arc.
  • Low OCV stick (VRD), when enabled, reduces the open-circuit voltage to 30 volts when the welding power source is not in use, increasing operator safety without compromising arc starts.
  • Thermal overload protection prevents machine damage if the duty cycle is exceeded or airflow is blocked.
  • The Big Blue 400 Pro is only 71.6 decibels (96 Lwa) under a full load, allowing for easier job site communication.
  • Coupled with Caterpillar C1.5 Diesel Engine 21.7 HP Three-cylinder, liquid-cooled industrial diesel
  • The new Wireless Interface remote system is outstanding. With this remote, you can adjust any setting on the fly from the ditch that you could do standing in front of the machine.
  • You can use this machine on all types of metal mainly pipeline construction