Corium Z127

Trust Corium Z127 – Ease of Application – Wide Versatility – Outstanding Physical Properties

  • Effectively breaks down rust particles to free rust frozen components in just seconds.
  • Lubricates and protects metals parts from corrosion.
  • Absolutely non-toxic & nonirritating without nauseating odor.

Corium Z127 “Bolt Ease” Advanced Penetrating Oil is the superior maintenance product that’s quality formulated with special penetrants that actually carry the oil through the rust to quickly and efficiently free components.
• Corium Z127 frees rust-frozen components in just seconds – saves you time and money!
• Corium Z127 lubricates and protects metals parts from corrosion.
• Corium Z127 is absolutely non-toxic and non-irritating without a nauseating odor.

Corium Z127 is the advanced penetrating oil that :
• Eliminates breakage of rust-frozen threaded parts and time – consuming drilling and tapping.
• Will not gum or harden when exposed to air or separate during storage.
• Features absolutely corrosion-free action.

The result of extended laboratory research and on-site testing, Corium Z127 is the superior formulation that rapidly breaks down rust particles. Corium Z127 has an unquestionably effective double action on even the most stubborn and deeply ingrained solids. Use Corium Z127 to quickly and effectively free-rust-frozen parts and components on virtually anything and everything from cars and trucks to factory machinery and production equipment to farm implements, molds and tools of every kind. Use Corium Z127 in the repair shop and the shop floor or even in your home and office.

It is a special maintenance-formulated product designed to ease the arduous problems of seizure, corrosion, and rust-frozen components so common in maintenance. It is aerosol packaged which makes it possible with the tip of your fingers to force this special penetrant into the tightest and hardest-to-reach crevices. 

It is a completely new type of rust dissolver which is the result of two years of research. It not only puts an oily film on rust, but actually dissolves the rust chemically, and has such an acid affinity for rust that it converts it from a solid to a liquid state without heat. It has been designed to work on rust the same way that water dissolves salt. Just a spray of Corium Z127 on treated surfaces and the rust will liquefy hundreds and hundreds of degrees below its melting point – it melts the most stubborn rust in seconds.

It has many superior physical properties:-

• absolutely non-toxic
• non-irritating and no nauseating odors
• will not separate during storage
• will not gum or harden on exposure to air
• flash point – minimum 50°C (122°F)
• fire point – minimum 54°C (129°F)
• corrosion – nil

It turns frozen rust into liquid and is used on thousands of different types of applications from embalmers’ needles to bulldozers. It has an unquestionably effective double action on even the most stubborn or deeply ingrained solids.

It is non-toxic, non-irritating, and has no nauseating odor. It eliminates the breakage of rust frozen threaded parts and time-consuming drilling and tapping.

1. Shake can thoroughly.
2. Hold can 100-150 mm (4-6”) from parts to be treated and spray.
3. After application, invert the can and spray until a clear gas appears, to prevent nozzle clogging.

Strictly observe all safety precautions relevant to the use of an aerosol product and/or printed on the can’s label.

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