We offer a series of premium quality CK Worldwide Micro torch.

CK Worldwide premium quality Micro torch perform with a reliability and efficiency you can always depend on.

CK Worldwide Micro torch torch have brought more innovations to TIG Welding products than any other manufacturer for more than 50 years.

CK Worldwide designs and manufactures Micro torch with a mission to make TIG welding a more efficient process by bringing state-of-the-art, high-performance materials to the relatively simple TIG welding torch.

CK Worldwide Micro torch

  • The Micro Torch smallest & most versatile TIG torch with multiple angular heads suitable for narrow & space constraint jobs. 45°, 90° & 180° interchangeable heads.
  • Available in 70 amps air-cooled & 140 amps water-cooled.
  • Suitable for 1.0, 1.6, 2.4mm tungsten diameters
  • Neck Dia: 7.9 mm; Neck Length: 78.7 mm,
  • Cup Dia: 9.1mm; Cup Length: 15.2mm
    (Custom Neck Length upto 200mm available.)