We offer a series of premium quality CK Worldwide Gas Cooled TIG torch.

These include :

  • CK 24 GAS Cooled TIG torch

  • CK 17 GAS Cooled TIG torch

  • USFL150 GAS Cooled TIG torch

CK Worldwide Gas Cooled premium quality TIG torches perform with a reliability and efficiency you can always
depend on.

CK Worldwide Gas Cooled TIG torch have brought more innovations to TIG Welding products than any other manufacturer for more than 50 years.

CK Worldwide designs and manufactures Gas Cooled TIG torch with a mission to make TIG welding a more efficient process by bringing state-of-the-art, high-performance materials to the relatively simple TIG welding torch.

  CK 24

  • CK24 Rigid (80 amps) CK24 Flex (90 amps) ACHF or DCSP @ 100%
  • Rigid / Flex
  • Valved Options
  • Low Profile Packages (Ozmo / Cut-Down)

The CK24 gas cooled torch is available as a Rigid neck (80 amps) or a Flex neck (90 amps) and can be ordered with or without a valve.


  CK 17

  • 150 amps ACHF or DCSP @ 100%
  • Rigid / Flex / Pencil

The CK17, 150 amp, gas cooled torch can be ordered as a rigid, or flex neck, with or without a valve. 



  • 130 (USFL130) / 150 amps (USFL150) ACHF or DCSP @ 100%
  • Ball Strain Relief
  • Steady-Grip Pistol Grip Handle
  • Super-Flex Cables
  • Leather Hose Cover

The USFL130/USFL150 torch package is the ultimate setup for those that prefer the Flex-Loc over other torches. It includes innovations spanning over 50+ years of business including: Super-Flex Cables, Steady-Grip handle, Leather Hose Cover, both FL2L and FL3L Torch Heads, Gas Saver Kits for both head styles and more!