We offer a premium quality CK Worldwide Cold wire feeder.

This include :


CK Worldwide premium quality Cold wire feeder performs with reliability and efficiency you can always depend on.

CK Worldwide designs and manufactures Cold wire feeder with a mission to make welding a more efficient process by bringing state-of-the-art, high-performance materials to the relatively simple TIG welding torch.


The WF-5 Cold Wire Feeder automates the addition of filler metal with the touch of a button. This machine works independently from your welding machine to provide continuous, clean, filler metal for your welding application. 

Increase productivity by automating the TIG process by adding filler metal. Suitable for multiple wire diameters and standard wire spool sizes. Either fully automate it or use it as a one-handed TIG.

  • Connects to any make TIG Machines
  • Filler Wire Size: 0.5mm ~ 1.6mm
  • Wire Feed Speed Range: 0 ~ 700 in/min
  • Feed Time, Dwell Time, Wire Retract Time,
  • Delay Start Time – Continuously Variable
  • Options of Torches – machines mounted, handheld & hand-held pendant.