Oxygen Monitoring : Best technology to monitor oxygen in pipe welding!

State-of-the-art technology for precise Oxygen Monitoring

Oxygen Monitoring in pipe welding : The PRO OX-100 programmable handheld digital oxygen monitor is designed to give operators the most precise oxygen level readings possible.

All Pro OX-100 oxygen monitors sold before August 1, 2019 are calibrated via “Self-Calibration”. This method uses only ambient air to calibrate.

All monitors sold after August 1, 2019 are calibrated via “2-Point Calibration”. This method uses a high point (ambient air) and low point (99.999% Argon) to calibrate.

Internationally renowned for its highly advanced features and low-cost, this oxygen weld monitor with an internal pump accurately measures down to 0.01% (100 ppm) resolution, making it ideal for purging and other welding applications.

Great pride goes into manufacturing the CE-approved PRO OX-100 in the USA at the Aquasol® Corporation’s ISO Certified Factory.

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Features and Benefits : Pro OX-100 oxygen monitors

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Data Logging Capabilities

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Archive Records with Software Reporting

  • Create permanent records of real-time data (at 15-second intervals for continuous mode or as needed in spot mode) of oxygen levels for critical welding operations

Easy-to-Use Conversion Software

  • Capture and export 50 data points in just clicks to Microsoft®  Excel and plain text format

Convenient and Quick Data Offload

  • The PRO OX-100 offloads data to a PC via a convenient USB interface at a high-speed, ensuring data integrity


  • Use this mode if the purging process requires more than 20 minutes to extend battery life
  • Use this mode for simultaneous weld applications


  • Use this mode when permanent records are required (in conjunction with data logging)
  • Use this mode when PPM is near the required level

Factory Calibrated and Certified

  • The PRO OX-100 Oxygen Monitor is factory calibrated and certified, accompanied by a dated certificate of authentication
  • Meets requirements specified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology
    Self Calibrated Model:

  • Calibrates using ambient air. No special calibration gas is required.
    2 Point Calibration Model:

  • Calibrates using ambient air and 99.999% Argon.

Audiovisual Alarm

  • Eliminates guesswork as the audiovisual alarm can be set to desired O2 PPM value
  • The unit will produce an intermittent beep sound simultaneously as a green light flashes
  • The operator is alerted even in noisy or poorly lit environments and can continue evacuating oxygen, reset the alarm or commence welding

Rechargeable 9V Battery & Charger Designed For Universal Voltage

  • Compatible with different voltage and frequency specifications from around the world
  • Can operate on 100VAC/60Hz, 120VAC/60Hz, and 220VAC/50Hz configurations
  • The rechargeable battery is the environmentally friendly solution
  • Can be used over and over, saving on purchases
  • Any non-rechargeable 9V battery can be substituted
  • The charger also serves as a standalone power supply when the operation will exceed one hour in length

CE Designation

  • The PRO OX-100 complies with EC Directives


Programmable in four popular languages to satisfy international customer needs

  • English
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

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