Bernard MIG Welding Torches

Bernard Water cooled MIG gun

Bernard Water cooled MIG gun pumps a cooling solution from a radiator unit, usually integrated inside or near the power source, through cooling hoses inside the power cable and into the gun handle, neck, and consumables.

Bernard Water cooled MIG gun is made to make the welder in control. Bernard is the only manufacturer that lets one configure custom MIG welding guns for any specific application. Bernard provides durable and innovative products for use with Miller wire feeders and machines and those of other manufacturers. Each of the products is versatile, dependable, and built with a goal in mind of improving welding productivity and performance.

Bernard® T-Gun™ semi-automatic water-cooled MIG guns are engineered for superior performance in production environments requiring extremely high-heat applications.


T-Gun™ Series 400 Amps

Rate Output: DC: 180A, AC: 115A

Duty Cycle: 100%


T-Gun™ Series 600 Amps

Rate Output: DC: 225A, AC: 160A

Duty Cycle: 100%

The product range also includes MIG/MAG Torches, patented high-quality Torch Consumables.

Bernard has moved all of its best handles, necks, consumables, liners and cables into its new Bernard BTB MIG Guns. Enjoy industrial-grade performance and durability on these  MIG guns.