Omega 85

Trust Omega 85 – Save Money – Enhance Performance – Extend service life

  • Superior thickener and additives ensure unparalleled shear stability.
  • True multi-purpose versatility – ideal for virtually all applications.
  • Outstanding oxidation stability to assure long service life.

Below are some advantages of Omega 85 which makes it unique in comparison with other available greases.

1) Special Formulation: Base Oil: Highly Refined Mineral Oil (Paraffin Base); Thickener: Polyurea; Additives: Anti-Oxidant, Extreme Pressure Agent, Rust Inhibitor, etc
2) Superior thickener and additives ensure unparalleled shear stability.
3) True multi-purpose versatility –ideal for virtually all applications. Customers primarily prefer HT Electric motors.
4) It has outstanding oxidation stability to assure long service life. Resist oxidation at high temperature
5) Omega 85 greatly reduces the need for re-greasing because of its long service life. Several applications require change of lubrication on condition monitoring basis.
6) Omega 85 grease will not squeeze out or migrate away from applied surfaces.
7) It has a non-metallic thickening system to minimize hardening of the grease due to oxidation of the base oil.
8) It is fully compatible with all types of seal materials – avoids difficult seal replacements caused by grease damage.
9) It eliminates guesswork and misapplication – all-purpose versatility saves you time and money.
10) Extended component life & reduced wear & tear
11) High Temperature Resistance: Operating Range is -10 Deg C to + 230 Deg C.
12) Compatibility with several grease soaps such as Lithium, Lithium Complex, Aluminum Complex, Calcium Complex, Barium Complex, Calcium Sulphonate, Bentonite etc.
13) Several customers such as JSW Steel, Reliance Industries, Bombay Dyeing etc have standardized usage of Omega 85 due to exponential savings in maintenance time and costs.

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