Corium Z127

Trust Corium Z127 – Ease of Application – Wide Versatility – Outstanding Physical Properties

The advantages of Corium Z127 are as follows :

  • Quick penetrating property with advanced capillary action.
  • Instant action on rust-frozen components.
  • Safe to use on all common metals.
  • High operating temperature.
  • Lubricates and protects metals from corrosion.
  • Non-toxic & Non-corrosive, pleasant odor.
  • Excellent Water displacing property.
  • Will not gum or harden on exposure to air.
  • Flash Point: 54 Deg C, Fire Point: 54 Deg C.

Rust Dissolving Feature :

  • Corium Z127 is a completely new type of rust dissolver which is the result of two years of research. It not only puts an oily film on rust, but actually dissolves the rust chemically, and has such an acid affinity for rust that it converts it from a solid to a liquid state without heat.
  • Corium Z127 has been designed to work on rust the same way that water dissolves salt.
  • Just a spray of Corium Z127 on treated surfaces and the rust will liquefy hundreds and hundreds of degrees below its melting point.
    – It melts the most stubborn rust in seconds.

Cost VS Price :

  • Corium Z127 is a quality product that makes maintenance faster, safer & more reliable to substantially lower costs, reduce downtime & cut wastage.
  • Non Removal of one rusted bolt can turn your convert your complete maintenance/ shutdown haywire. In those situations, Corium Z127 comes handy as it dissolves rust in the minutest crevices and frees the nut/ bolt.
  • Only spray Corium Z127 on the bolt, leave it for 10mins and easily open with a spanner. No more Heating, Hammering, or Cutting of Bolts, thereby saving tremendous time and costs.
  • Corium products offer high value and low costs. Though the price may be high, it will deliver at the right time and thereby reduce other incidental costs.
  • Corium products are designed for difficult environments & applications and it never disappoints.

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Testimonial :

Corium Z127 Testimonial


Bolts of Fan Blade were never opened in last 6 years of its installation, were badly rusted and jammed. Due to its difficult reach, the bolts could not be cut, and heating was not allowed. Numerous Chemicals, Lubricants were applied, but never these bolts could be opened.

Corium Z127 was applied and within few hours the bolts loosed and could easily come out. It was breakthrough for Finolex as these bolts were never opened before.

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