70 Series

Wirefeeder-S70-SeriesRaising the bar for industrial-class wire feeders with the traditional features, plus enhanced flexibility provided by features such as trigger hold, dual tension control, automatic run-in, and toolless rotatable drive.

Tool-less rotatable drive assembly allows operator to rotate the drive housing, eliminating severe bends in the wire feed path which reduce gun liner life. Also aids in feeding difficult wires.

Automatic run-in control significantly improves arc starts. Run-in can be independently set on the DX model.

Trigger hold allows operator to make long welds without having to hold the trigger continuously. Reduces operator fatigue.

Provides positive wire feeding performance through use of the tool less rotatable drive assembly, calibrated drive roll pressure adjustment arm and 24 VDC high-torque, permanent-magnet motor.

20 Series Feeders (22A & 24A)

Wirefeeder-22ABoth wire feeders are ideal for most high-duty-cycle applications requiring day-in/day-out trouble-free operation.

Two gear-driven drive rolls on 22A for smooth, positive wire feed. Four gear-driven drive rolls on 24A for larger wire sizes.

Optional presettable voltage and wire feed speed on most power sources for 22A.

On-board burnback and motor ramp control for excellent starting and stopping performance